by William Tamulonis

What is a good introductory text book for non-profit marketing?

I always recommend Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations, the classic by Philip Kotler and Alan Adreasen, published by Prentice-Hall. A good business school library and some large public libraries will have it.

What are the basic elements of a marketing plan?

The typical marketing plan contains the following sections:

1.. Situation Analysis – trends that may affect the success of your organization
a.. Demographic trends
b.. Economic trends
c.. Technological trends
d.. Social/Cultural values trends
e.. Political/Legislative trends
1.. Competitive Analysis – the growth, strengths and weaknesses of organizations that compete with you for donors, services, etc.
2.. Target Markets – descriptions of the size, growth, and characteristics of those you serve or want to serve
3.. Strengths of your organization
4.. Weaknesses of your organization
5.. Opportunities in the market place
6.. Threats to your organization’s success
7.. Marketing Objectives and Goals
8.. Marketing Tactics that will be implemented to achieve the goals
9.. Resources needed to carry out the plan (people, money, technology, etc.)
10.. Accountability -- assign responsibilities to individuals for implementation
11.. Set a time line
12.. Establish Controls – how the success of the plan will be measured

Is there any good software available to help with marketing issues?

An excellent program is the IdeaFisher system. It has modules for marketing, advertising and public relations. Basically the program contains hundreds of questions that help you consider all of the major issues involved. It does not provide any answers, but makes sure that you think about everything you need to think about. Their phone number is 949-225-1100.

What are some of the key trends in the field of philanthropy?

Nationally, charitable giving continues to increase. Individuals remain the largest source of gifts, and religion the largest recipient category. Click here to view a presentation of recent data on the world of philanthropy:

What are some of the forces shaping the future of philanthropy?

The economy remains a strong leading indicator of total charitable giving. Demographic trends are positive for philanthropy. Technology is rapidly changing the way nonprofits do their work. Click here for a presentation on these and other trends shaping the world of philanthropy:

What is database marketing and how can I use it?

Database marketing is a general term for utilizing the power of computer databases to improve your relationships with constituents. The results are improved fundraising, improved communication, and longer-term relationships with donors, members, volunteers, etc. Click here for a presentation on the basic tenants of database marketing: