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Layout is the process of creating the format of a publication by relating all of the above techniques in order to convey a powerful, visual message.  Basically, layout is choosing where to place items on a page based on the order and manner with which a reader digests it.  In order to create a successful layout, bear the following tips in mind.

1. Donít overextend columns horizontally, as it becomes difficult for the eyes to follow.

2. Donít use too many typefaces in the same piece, and use ďspecial-effect fontsĒ sparingly.  Use the same font(size) for all headlines in a given piece, and donít use it anywhere else.

3. Study publications for inspiration.  Observe how they combine their design elements to an esthetic end.

Finally, please click on to our FUNDRAISING DICTIONARY to look up any design or printing terms that you need to review.


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