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  FundCons Four Steps

Funding from Foundations
Four Steps to get you started: 

    vSTEP ONE:  A foundation is basically a nonprofit organization which is created from designated funds for the purpose of distributing grants to individuals or nonprofit organizations.  Some foundations are set up by families, others are set up corporations or other organizations.  To begin your search of foundations with grant opportunities compatible with your organization, we suggest that you first read through this section as well as “fundraising strategy” and “types of funding.” 

    vSTEP TWO: Use the findit.org online foundation search page to compile a list of compatible foundations.  Compatibility is determinable by looking at a) geographical location, b) type of grant (core or project) and c) the subject or specific area of interest. 

    vSTEP THREE: Use the foundation section of the “fundraising strategy questionnaire” to narrow your list.  Eliminate the incompatible foundations and prioritize the rest.

    vSTEP FOUR:  Tailor each proposal using the information on this site and by studying each foundations’ annual report and funding guidelines (if available).     



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